Ready Player One weekend box office.

‘Ready Player One’ Grabs $128M Abroad While Taking $181M+ Globally; ‘Peter Rabbit’ Crosses $200M – Int’l Box Office



The Sinner Review by Cinemania.

The new Netflix 8 episode series called Sinner starring Jessica Biel as Cora who lives with her husband Mason and son near Dorchester basically sleep walks through the first episode which is also called ironically Sinner.  Cora’s obvious frailty is portrayed to the best of Biel’s abilities, especially when Mason wants his weekly sex session, but Cora’s frustration of living with Mason’s parents and obvious need for help finally explodes when a young couple frolicking on the beach causes Cora to snap about 14 minutes into the episode and stab the young stud called Franky to death and the viewer screams thank goodness, as I was pretty bored myself.  The episode starts to blast into life when Bill Pullman enters the show as the environment loving Detective Ambrose around the sixteenth minute as he watches a happy waitress serve her customers.

Once Cora is charged, photographed and abandoned at the police station by her husband, the hope is Detective Ambrose might help her, as Cora confesses to the murder unequivocally.  The point is why did her character suddenly turn and stab him to death.  Is Jessica Biel up to the challenge of the material in acting in a role of a human who can kill another person and not be sure why and convince us along the way.  The traditional flash backs hint at a possible cause of Cora’s rage and certainly Detective Ambrose is up the challenge of solving the mystery.
We learn that Mary is a kinky type of waitress who likes to punish Ambrose in a slightly evil kind of way, which helps Ambrose function in life and solve the crime!  The obvious religious conservatism of Cora’s parents and series title allude to a extreme childhood that manifests itself into a destructive adulthood capable of random violence.  Like all good cop shows the honest detective is suspicious and we learn from one of the witnesses that maybe the victim knew Cora and the horrible piece of music that keeps agitating her holds the key to the violence, as the episode ends Cora is pleading guilty to second degree murder in the New York state courthouse.
Hopefully the second episode will improve, otherwise I will head straight to episode 8 and watch the ending and wonder why the series wasn’t shorter and more meaningful when addressing mental health issues and violence in the United States criminal justice system.

Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Jedi one liner film reviews.

(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)

The best Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back, and is awful close to being its equal.
Josh Spiegel, Slashfilm

The most satisfying entry in this bumpy franchise since The Empire Strikes Back.
Eric Kohn, IndieWire

Like many before it, The Last Jedi has already been hailed as the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back, and while that’s true, it’s too faint a compliment.
Sam Adams, Slate

Cinematographer Steve Yedlin has made the best-looking Star Wars movie.
Matt Goldberg, Collider

From a design point of view, this newest film is the slickest and most gorgeous in the entire series.
Jordan Hoffman, Times of Israel